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ClearCorrect Xperience day

June 23rd, 2022

Learn the process - grow your practice - make your patients smile

Let us introduce you to the ClearCorrect aligners! We’ll take you to an amazing location on June 23rd to experience our ClearCorrect aligners. We hope to welcome you in Fort Sint Gertrudis.

ClearCorrect, the clear aligner brand of the Straumann Group, has been on the US market since 2006. Since 2018 we are also present in Europe and we are ready to show you what ClearCorrect can do for you! The goal of this exciting symposium is to inform you how ClearCorrect can introduce orthodontic treatments into your dental practice and create more value for your patients. We have four international keynote speakers on stage with different topics around ClearCorrect treatments. Let them convince you about what it can do for your patients!

Parallel to the program we have developed a special hands-on program for assistants. During three sub-sessions, specialists show how to deal with intra-oral scanning, making good light photo's and placing engagers.


14:45 – 15:15
15:15 – 15:45
Introduction ClearCorrect
15:45 – 16:30
Dr. Adriano Marotta Araujo
ClearCorrect better than ever! Digital orthodontics, clinical Improvements and innovation!
16:30 – 17:15
Jasper Thoolen
Ortho-restorative for the everyday practitioner
17:15 – 17:30
Coffee break
17:30 – 18:30
Dr. Tif Qureshi
ABB (Align bleach bond) for the Lifetime patient
18:30 – 20:00
20:00 – 21:00
Dr. Mar
How to master and empower clear aligner therapy in orthodontic and dental practices thus increasing the productivity, efficiency, freedom and well-being of the practice.
21:00 – ...
Drinks & Closing


Picture of Dr. Adriano Araujo (orthodontist)
Dr. Adriano Araujo (orthodontist)

Dr. Adriano Araujo (orthodontist)

ClearCorrect is designed for the ultimate patient and doctor experience. Our premier aligner is engineered for precision, improves comfort, less initial force and remarkably clear. Our system is giving the doctor even more ways to taylor patient’s treatment needs with a modern and same time friendly software, easy to work with smart clinical protocols. ClearCorrect is your partner in Orthodontics, empowering digital workflow and comprehensive educational tools with the freedom you want and support you need. Straumann Group is an important resource for upgrade processes, quality and support. Dr Araujo will cover the technical aspects of the ClearCorrect system, taking into account biomechanics, treatment protocols and innovations.

Dr. Adriano Marotta Araujo is an internationally recognized public speaker in digital orthodontics. While he operated remotely an orthodontics practice out of Sao Paulo, Brazil he also runs Ortho.i, a global consulting agency that coaches clinicians on how to leverage digital solutions to streamline practice operations for better patient outcomes and work-life balance. Nowadays Dr. Araujo is the Global Head of Clinical Affairs in Ortho Business Unit for Straumann Group. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Master of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Orthodontics at the University of State of Sao Paulo (UNESP). He also completed a research fellowship at Baylor College of Dentistry and post-doc at the Universitat Internacional of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Picture of Drs. Jasper Thoolen (GP)
Drs. Jasper Thoolen (GP)

Drs. Jasper Thoolen (GP)

Drs. Jasper Thoolen (GP) works with ClearCorrect for several years. As a general dentist he will focus on his holistic treatment approach. He will take us through several clinical cases and shares his insights about his treatment protocol and what place ClearCorrect takes in his daily practice.

Drs. Jasper Thoolen will focus on his holistic treatment approach. He will take us through several clinical cases and shares his insights about what place ClearCorrect takes in his daily practice. Jasper Thoolen graduated as a dentist from the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in 2016. He currently works at Lassus Tandartsen Oisterwijk and his main focus is on restorative and reconstructive dentistry, digital smile design and digital workflow, orthodontics and implantology. Jasper is a renowned international speaker on a variety of dental meetings and symposia and is connected as a trainer to the post-academic education programs CEPCD. Besides his work at the dental chair he is also an author for a variety of dental magazines and key-opinion-leader for a variety of well respected dental companies. Jasper is one of the five founders of the online education movement Karma. Dentistry.

Picture of Dr. Tif Qureshi (GP)
Dr. Tif Qureshi (GP)

Dr. Tif Qureshi (GP)

This session will show how carrying out simple digitally planned orthodontics using clear aligners can provide safe aesthetic and functional dentistry which is accessible to many more patients and can be delivered by every dentist. It will describe how all general dentists can use a systematically driven approach to restoratively focused orthodontics and provide results that are achievable and last for years. On top of that, it shows how the benefits of orthodontics can be applicable to far more patients than we realize. Dr. Qureshi shows how the digital workflow used for ClearCorrect to show how the treatment is exceptionally predictable, functionally correct and simple to control.

Dr. Tif Qureshi qualified from Kings College London in 1992. He is a Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Tif is founder and a clinical director of IAS Academy, an International faculty that provides mentored education for general dentists on a pathway from appropriate simple to comprehensive orthodontics. Tif has a special interest in simple orthodontics and truly minimally invasive dentistry. He has committed his life’s work to empowering dentists to provide important alternative techniques. He offers a wide variety of treatments to many more patients, while always respecting the fundamental precepts of orthodontics. Tif also pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment, Bleaching, Bonding – a course that combines tooth alignment, composite bonding and teeth whitening to produce superior smiles using techniques with the absolute minimum of invasiveness available today. An experienced teacher in the Dahl concept, Tif shows how this technique is used to plan tooth alignment and minimise invasive dentistry in the development of a beautiful smile. Tif now lectures and published scientific articles internationally.

Picture of Dr. Ly Mar (orthodontist)
Dr. Ly Mar (orthodontist)

Dr. Ly Mar (orthodontist)

With the increase popularity of clear aligner orthodontics, dental providers are faced with challenges in the treatment delivery process, in keeping up with treatment schedule and in achieving predictable outcomes. Providers are required to be at the top of their game in aligner therapy to be successful. This lecture aims to empower clear aligner therapy in orthodontic and dental practices thus increasing the productivity, freedom and well-being of the practice. To understand the application of biomechanics using clear aligners in treating diverse malocclusions.

Dr. Mar graduated with a degree in general dentistry from the Faculté de Médecine Dentaire at the University of Montréal in 1999. He pursued a post-graduate residency in hospital dentistry at the University of California San Francisco and Harvard. Dr. Mar obtained a Master’s degree in dental sciences and a postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics at the University of Montréal in 2004. Immediately following his convocation, Dr. Mar was awarded a fellowship from the College of Dentists of Canada in the specialty of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics (FRCDC). Dr. Mar has been a part-time clinical professor in orthodontics at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta since 2005. He is a co-President of the Edmonton Orthodontic Study Club (since 2010) where he teaches, mentors and supports dentists to empower their orthodontic skills using clear aligner therapy within their general family practice. Dr. Mar strongly believes in the importance of joining the “art and science” of your profession. He combines the art of strong leadership, genuine respect and dignity, being passionate about the difference you can make and having a wellness based lifestyle with the science of orthodontics, business management, best practice and efficiency. It is this belief that empowered the transition of his practice from traditional metal braces to lingual therapy to a full 100% clear aligner therapy practice. Dr. Mar now celebrates FREEDOM with less overhead, a seamless booking schedule (no emergencies), more time for family and other pursuits, and increased quality of work life for the staff (not running late, regular breaks and easier scheduling). Above all his patients love the freedom of fewer appointments, less constraints and no emergencies. His philosophy of work smart, concentrate on efficient processes and positive outcomes, and celebrate life everyday speaks loudly about a wellness based approach. Dr. Mar is the founder of The Aligner Coach , The Clear Aligner Society and The Clear Aligner Paradigm.


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